Law Firm Bookkeeping Solutions

Our company understands that there are many components to running a successful legal practice; such as maintaining complete, accurate and up to date books and records in accordance with any Provincial Law Society By-laws, which can draw you away from the practice of law. 


We receive great satisfaction in assisting you in meeting your filing obligations, managing your law firm's trust account(s), bank financing, taxes, and maintaining provincial law society By-Law compliance.


Let us help you achieve financial peace of mind.

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Law Firm Practice Management Solutions

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PCLaw bookkeeping services.

​"Financial peace of mind for lawyers"

The cornerstone of our service involves providing a comprehensive Legal bookkeeping service for sole practitioners, partnerships and small to medium sized legal firms.

Our Services:

We provide professional legal bookkeeping services for small to medium sized law firms, in compliance with Law Society of Ontario legislation.

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-- This is what our clients say --

“Jacques has successfully…demonstrated expertise in PCLaw, Reliability and Professionalism. He is responsive and coordinates well with accountants and other service providers. I have no hesitation in recommending (Accounting for Law) Jacques’ services.”


Our Team:

Our staff is made up of a network of bookkeeping professionals with diverse skill sets.  


Our main solution is centered on our legal bookkeeping service in compliance with the Law Society.

We have a network of accountants available to update or maintain your law firms books and trust account(s). IT, staffing, and management professionals are also available at a moments notice within your budget.

“Every lawyer in Canada and notary in Quebec is required by law to be a member of a law society and to be governed by its rules”

– Law Society of Upper Canada


After successful full-time employment as an in house bookkeeper using legal accounting software, with Clayton Ruby and Marlys Edwardh Barristers; Jacques Tjonasan launched Accounting for Law in september 2000.

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Trust Accounting:

Whether you use paper or Trust Accounting Software for your Trust Account Operation and Record Keeping the Legal requirements remain the same.

How to open and operate a Trust Account