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Web Development For Law firms
Technology solutions with the same attention to detail that you would give 
Search engine optimization

Help your firm get searched and found online generating qualified leads, helping in the growth of your business.

Web development & design

Give your firm a professional web presence that engages visitors.

Web programming

Make technology a productive business tool. Add functionality to your website; automation and connectivity across all your devices.

Web Applications

 Let’s build something together, applications with the look and feel of native apps.

IT staffing

Professional staff that is familiar with your work environment.

Cloud Services

Lower I.T. cost and scale. Secure storage, retrieval and sharing of your legal resources.

How much is your time worth?

Let potential clients find you
Use your time for billable hours
Technology  a business tool

If a website is on the internet and no one can find it, does it exist? 

SEO your website and get found online.

“The Internet provides a faster, easier, and more thorough method to find an attorney, compared with the alternatives,” said Stephen Noel, vice president of strategic development and audience at Thomson Reuters 

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Modern Lawyers wear many hats. However not utilizing and or leveraging your time for non-billable functions is disadvantages to your business objectives.

"The billable hour is still the critical lever for how many firms can affect profitability. Just a few more minutes per day per attorney can increase revenue by tens of thousands of dollars. But a gap, can lead to lost revenue and lower profitability." 

-The LexisNexis Billable Hour Survey

Chances are there are ways you could be using technology more effectively to aid in your development.

Automation of processes means increased time spent on strategic priorities and client relations.

When your business is running efficiently it allows for more effective use of your time to grow your business.

Custom pricing --- one off contract(s) --- pay per use --- or monthly plans based on your needs

Do you...

Need a programmer to make your ideas happen
Need a professionally designed website
Need to increase your search engine visibility to compete in a competitive market such as law
Need someone to provide the necessary programming expertise to help you
Need someone to help you analyze your competitor’s online strengths and weaknesses and help you put an actionable plan together
Need someone to help you implement your search engine optimization strategy
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If you answered yes to any or all of the above  
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