The cornerstone of our service involves providing a comprehensive PCLaw Bookkeeping service for sole practitioners, partnerships and small to medium sized Legal Firms.
Update Financial Data

There are occasions where a Law Firm can fall behind in their Bookkeeping.  No matter the reason, we are experienced in stepping in to bring your books up to date.


Updating or re-building a set of financial records is a process.  Our goal is to accurately and efficiently enter your financial data in the most cost effective manner.

PCLaw Training

Our professional Bookkeepers are available to train your Law Firms existing staff in the use of PC Law for your financial records Bookkeeping.


Our expert Bookkeepers train partners, secretaries, clerks and receptionists in the proper use of PCLaw.


PCLaw Implementation

Facilitating the set-up and use of PC Law is an integral part of any new Law Firm start-up.


Using our "Firm Assimilation Info Package", we assess your Law firms needs in order to customize and optimize your PC Law software.

PCLaw Midstream Implementation

Some firms use other methods of Bookkeeping. Whether it's Quickbooks, Lighthouse or Paper and Pencil, we are able to deliver a seamless transition of your current records into PC Law. 


There are data transfer options from your existing software.

PCLaw Security Optimization

Your Law Firms client and financial data should remain accessible to those approved. PC Law provides many layers and levels of security.